About Us

Pat's Monograms is owned by Jen Powell (left) and MariLynn McCloskey (right), 2 lifelong friends who met in 1994 at Girl Scout Camp. I know, so sweet, right? But, let's back up....

Pat's Monograms was founded in 1968 by Southaven resident Pat Thomas, who sold the business in 1979 to Mr. Bill Carter, a long time friend of Jen's family. In fact, Jen has childhood memories of swimming in the Carter's pool and visiting Pat's monograms on Winchester with her grandparents. Little did she know that in 2003 she would buy the shop herself. 2023 is her 20th anniversary as the business owner!

Jen and MariLynn each went their own directions in life after high school. Jen graduated from MS State with a degree in Chemical Engineering, while MariLynn graduated from Union University with a Masters in Social Work.

In 2010, MariLynn faced a battle with cancer, and channeled her energy into her successful Etsy shop, Designs by Daffy. The two friends supported each other as their respective businesses grew. Eventually, Jen and MariLynn agreed that the next step was to join forces!

"Our polar opposite thought processes have been a huge contribution to our success! Through balancing our creativity and attention to detail, we have found that anything is possible!"~ Jen and MariLynn

With their combined skill sets, these ladies have created a thriving company which services contract businesses, schools, and retail customers with everything from personalized items for special occasions to polos for the next corporate meeting! 

Pat's Monograms is a women-owned and operated business, composed of a team of retail and customer service specialists, embroidery professionals, and graphic design experts. The staff at Pat’s Monograms has a long history together and their commitment to its success is clear. Pride is taken in every order, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. 

 With nearly 30 years of friendship backing them up (plus 10 years as business partners) these two former scouts have succeeded to make Pat's Monograms the go-to source for everyone's custom embroidery-- and they show no signs of slowing down! In fact, thanks to our loyal customers and community, the best is yet to come!

"Pat's Monograms' future is built on a vision of exciting growth and brand awareness, both in our community and beyond."-- Jen and Mari

Looking for a specific polo style for your logo embroidery? Needing inspiration for an embroidered birthday shirt? These are some of our go to resources here at Pat's Monograms, for you to find the perfect items and ideas! 

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